Atmocube Triumphs at the 2022 Red Dot Design Awards

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April 12, 2022

We're thrilled to announce that Atmocube, a cutting-edge environmental monitor, won two categories at the prestigious 2022 Red Dot Design Awards. Atmocube was designed and developed in collaboration with, a leading industrial design studio, and was launched in late 2021.

Atmocube — Advanced indoor environmental monitor and software for healthy spaces

Atmocube provides a comprehensive analysis of indoor parameters within a single platform, helping owners of commercial and residential buildings to optimize their indoor air quality and meet green and healthy building standards. Atmocube impressed the panel of 48 experts from 23 countries in the «Product Design» and the «Smart Products» categories. This recognition reaffirms Atmocube's commitment to revolutionizing environmental monitoring.

With up to 14 sensors tracking vital parameters like CO2 levels, formaldehyde content, and environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, pressure, noise, and light levels, Atmocube helps to improve indoor air quality and create healthier, more comfortable environment.

In addition to its advanced functionality, Atmocube boasts a sleek, customizable design. Stylish replaceable modules on the front allow seamless integration into diverse indoor environments. Its mechanical design also facilitates upgradability with additional modules, from larger batteries to extra sensors and radar, enhancing its adaptability.

This victory follows Atmotube's previous accolade, the esteemed iF Design Award 2021 in the «Product Concept» category.