ATMOCUBE Monitoring Indoor Environments

«Smart» monitoring of air quality and vital environmental parameters

Atmocube provides comprehensive analysis of indoor parameters within a single platform to help owners of commercial and residential buildings optimize their indoor air quality and meet green and healthy building standards.

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Design Language

As an element of indoor design, Atmocube should blend with its interior. Based on designers’ previous experiences, enterprise customers ask for customized solutions. The modular design of Atmocube serves these needs with its easily replaceable and interchangeable front panels.


Mechanical design is implemented the way that upgradability via additional modules is possible: a bigger battery or additional sensors and radars can be mounted during production.


Atmocube seamlessly blends with modern interiors. Enterprise customers seek customized solutions. Atmocube’s modular design serves these needs through its easily replaceable and interchangeable front panels.

360° Air flow

The device supports both tabletop mode and wall mounting. In either position, sufficient airflow for air sampling is secured.

Eco-friendly materials

Materials are VOC and outgassing-free. Indication panel with parameters status is made with a 30% white transparent matte PC while other panels have glossy and matte finishes.

Occupancy counting and HVAC integration

Atmocube has a radar to count the number of people in a given space. It will help building managers to keep track of occupancy load and adjust utilities workload accordingly.

Atmocube is the winner of two world-famous design awards – iF Design Award 2021 and RedDot Award 2022. Such recognition by those prestigious world-famous design organizations celebrates the product’s goal of bringing green awareness both to end-users and businesses through technology.

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Atmotube PRO and Atmotube PLUS two air quality monitors on dark background flying in space